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BoArD是什么意思,参考:... is A BoArD mEmBEr oF...

board of administration 董事会 board of directors 董事会 board是身份的意思在这里 a board member成员的身份

computer board [英][kəmˈpju:tə bɔ:d][美][kəmˈpjutɚ bɔrd] 计算台[板]; 例句: 1.In this photo, a worker heats a computer board on a steel surface to remove the computer chips soldered into i...

The Beijing Bureau of Commerce says that a Board decision shall take effect the minute it is endorsed and signed by the three-member board committee. ...


词典结果: a board of chess [英][ei bɔ:d ɔv tʃes][美][e bɔrd ʌv tʃɛs] 一盘棋; 例句: 1. Any of the rows of squares that run vertically or between players on a playing board inchess or checkers....

“a committe of ”应该是“委员会”的意思;“a panel of”应该是“一个小组的”的意思;“a (the)board of ”应该是“(的)董事会”的意思。可以吗?谢谢!

life is a chess-board其实是一句英语的经典。就像我们说成语一样,我应该用成语来回答。 世事如棋!!或者人生如棋。



My parents and I got on board a gondola ,one of the narrow boats Venice is famous for . 我的父母和我上了一条“冈多拉”,一种在威尼斯得非常有名的细窄的船。

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